Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bits and Pieces from a School Day

Today I'm joining up with Kelly from Teaching Fourth.


I thought that it might be a little interesting to just share some bits and pieces out of a normal school day.
So Friday it is.
Each Friday Chloe ( 7 ) does a spelling dictation.  Here's her before page.  I change the clipart in the boxed area so we have a variety of different pictures available.
Here's her dictation finished.  I just circle if it's for a pre-test or a dictation, pop the date and score on, and we're all good to go.
Chloe spent a couple of minutes coloring the little lion while I worked with Phebe ( 5 ) and her Learning To Read lesson.
Apart from practising reading words and sentences Phebe also did some work on the ai - ea - ay sounds.
Then we turned the page over and did some practice with ie - oa - oe.
Then we worked on her reading a little story and did a few comprehension questions.

So somewhere in there Chloe ( 7 ) does an English lesson and then she begins her maths.

Basically I'm juggling everyone.
Because I also had Hannah ( 3 ) and Kadafi ( almost 3 ) doing some stuff as well.
Here's an up close of one of Hannah's worksheets from today.
But they don't just do "worksheets".
Sometimes we throw other things in there too.
Like jigsaws.
If you look closely you can even see Letrell looking on.  He was a bit upset that he couldn't join in though.  I figured juggling 4 little children was sufficient for school things.
So that sort of got us up to lunch time where the children all played play dough before and after lunch.
Then at 1pm we put Hannah, Kadafi, and Letrell down for sleeps.   Charlotte has her lunch, bath, and then she is out for sleeps.
While she is sleeping Chloe, Phebe and I quickly do a History lesson.  Then the girls take turns reading to me.
This is the story that Chloe ( 7 ) read.  It does go over the page, but I just wanted show and tell etc..
And this is what Phebe ( 5 ) read:
I've probably missed a couple of things, but yeah, that's pretty much what we did for the main things for school on Friday.  I don't suppose you need to hear about clothing, meals, and nappies.
AND we also got the girls bedroom cleaned, and I washed 4 blankets, oh and another load of just washing.
BUT the best thing is that I finally got the hallway cleaned.  It hasn't been spotless for several months.   That in and of itself is a story and a half.  But the gist of it was that my oldest daughter would constantly put things out into the hallway and leave them there.  So, now that I'm through all that, we can see the floor again. 
So, Friday was a VERY productive day.  Yay~!!


  1. I enjoyed reading about your day. You have an adorable family! Thank you so much for linking up at my blog!

    Teaching Fourth

  2. I;m glad that Friday was so productive for you. glad you can see the floor in the hallway.


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