Thursday, September 27, 2012


One of the things that I really wanted to get done this year was to get Chloe up and running with cursive handwriting.  This is the year that she did Grade 2.
So I just thought that I'd drop in and show you a couple of current samples of how it's going.


It reads:
How cool was the
shadow the long
branches gave,
As they hung from the
willow, and dipp'd
in the wave.

It reads:
And all the beauty of the place,
Is in thy heart and on thy face.

She is left handed.   I think that she has made some good progress, albeit there is still room for great improvement, but at least she has begun cursive handwriting.


  1. Great job Chloe! Rebekah is in Grade 3 and we haven't begun cursive yet lol!

  2. Thanks. :o)

    We haven't really spent that much time on it this year, as it is one of those subjects that get dropped if things get too busy. But I found she is picking it up pretty quickly when we do a lesson. She just needs practice to make it neater.

    Do you have any plans/resources to start Rebekah on cursive handwriting?

  3. Writing is not one of Rebekah's favourite things to do lol! We are slowly working our way through Penny Gardner's "Italics, Beautiful writing for children". We are just not up to cursive yet ;) I estimate we'll get there sometime in the next few months:)


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