Monday, September 10, 2012

What Happens on a Sunny Day

Well, I have been a very busy little vegemite.  Yesterday was no exception.
Yesterday did turn out to be a beautiful sunny day.  Awesome weather.  BUT - and this is where I start wondering if I should share with you what happened or not?
 to share,
or not to share.
What will you all think of us?Will you ever come back to my blog again?
Should I should keep my blog real?

Ok, ok - I'm going to take a RISK and give it to you.  The truth.
Yesterday was an awesome day in regards to the weather.  Beautiful and sunny.............and soooooooooo I sent all the children outside to play.  You know, jump on the trampoline, look for ants type of thing.   All was going great.   So I mistakenly left them all happy and content outside to finish playing while I attended to some things in the house.
BIG mistake~!!
Yes it was.
I go back out to check the children.  Where are the little boys? 
They are quiet.   Q......U.......I......E.....T~!!

What ARE they doing?
And then my eyes discovered the source of all the quiet.
Letrell is missing his legs ( trousers ).   Nope, it's worse than that.   He's missing his nappy too~!!
Oh no~!!
Where is Kadafi?
He is missing his legs as well.   AND you guessed it, his nappy too~!!
And that is NOT the worst of it.
Oh no, it's not.
Kadafi decided to relieve himself while outside and paint the cement with it.  Not quite like Picasso, or Monet, but with true artistic flair, spreading it as far as he could.
But that is NOT the worst of it.
Oh no, it's not.
He also decided that he needed to wipe a large chunk of it on a towel that had recently been hung up on the line.
True story.
I don't think the fruit loops from breakfast caused it though.  It was about 11am and I think that all the sugar had already been burnt out by then.  But I've been known to be wrong before.
Anyway, I found him in the vegetable garden.  And that dirt is dirty.
So...........we had to have a bath.  Not me, just him.
We can skip all the details of lunch except to say that I made the most yummy salad to go with our crockpot lunch meat.
Fast forward to the afternoon.
Yes, the story continues.
Did I learn my lesson in the morning?
No sir, I did not~!!

I am such a sucker for letting children play.
I sent them all outside again.
Not long after I hear shrieks from a girl, "Kadafi is hosing Letrell".
Yes, he did.
( How did he even get the hose turned on?)
Either way, I brought them both back in and Letrell got another set of new clean clothes on.
And I can only be here typing all this up because today the two little boys went out to the farm so that we can have some respite.
Yeah, so there you have it, just a couple of highlights from yesterday.
I HOPE you will come back to my blog again.
Please come back to my blog again.
I'll schedule a schooly post for tomorrow.  Ok?
See you then.  :o)

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