Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple Maths

There are some really GREAT things out there on the internet~!!
I had an awesome time printing, laminating, and cutting things to get ready for this weeks Apple Maths.
These Apple cards came from Alison at Oopseydaisy. She has a whole packet that can be downloaded off the net - yep, for FREE.
So we got out the pegs for Hannah to count and peg.  She thought it was great fun.
After Hannah had her play with it, Miss Phebe had her turn, but instead of using pegs she just ordered them.
This next lot of printables came from Amy Lattin in her FREE Apple Number Puzzle download.
So Hannah tried out counting 1 - 5.  
Then Chloe also did some for her 10's and 5's.
The girls are really enjoying this theme so far.  I expect that their enthusiasm will last until I say it's time to do some writing.  But that's the way things go.
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