Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apples - limited time FREEBIE

Yesterday I went on a search for materials for an apple theme.  I picked up some great ideas and worksheets along the way.   I also put a whole stack of them in their own album on Pinterest if you want to check that out too.
Then this morning I just thought that I'd add a little more to it, to personalize it for my own children.  Things that they can work on, for where they are.
I made a little cover page, which I laminated this morning and stuck on the front of a file folder.  That way I can keep all the printables etc.. ready in there waiting.
I added 3 different writing pages.   One for Kindergarten level, one for Grade 1 level, and one for Grade 2 level.  That is pretty much where Hannah, Phebe, and Chloe are respectively.
I also added a word sort for 6 multiple phonograms.
There are two pages for the word sorts like this.
Here's all the words for the word sorts.
I've also put in a little game board - which I'm still developing in my mind as to how we will use it.
You can grab this file as a FREEBIE for a limited time.
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  1. Love your apple freebie & thanks for sharing. We just finished up our unit but I will save this for later :)

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