Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Lesson in Grade 3 English

Well, I'm sitting here this afternoon wondering what to post for tomorrow when the thought came that I should share with you what our princess Chloe ( 7 ) did today in her Grade 3 English lesson.  { For reference: she uses Christian Light Education, Language Arts 3. }  It is quite a cheap program for what you get in it.  Pretty good economically, especially if you have multiple children that you only need to add new workbooks for.  VERY academic and thorough too.


We cover quite a lot in each lesson.  There is always some revisional work as well.

Today we started off with what a Topic Sentence was.  Then she answered which phrases were true about a topic sentence.

This isn't the first time Chloe has seen this topic though.  I bought an AWESOME book on paragraphs that we've been going though separately.  I just wanted to do a few more things in that before I did show and tell on it though.

Then she read another paragraph and underlined the topic sentence.

Then we worked on the 'We Remember' section.  Today she was writing T / F about paragraphs.  Just things that one needs to know about them.

Then we reviewed parts of a letter.  There are 5 parts that she needs to know.

They also added a quick review - underline the correct answer for where a glossary and an index would be located.

Then we moved over to Penmanship.   This is also included in her Language Arts course.  Today she practiced capital C and E.  Then the words: Chosen and Echo in cursive.

Finally we ended with a whole page of spelling work using the list words.  One question included writing out a 3 syllable spelling word. 

She also had to write out her list words separately in an exercise book and choose two words and write sentences for them.

For reading, which is considered separate once again, she read a story from one of the Bible Nuture Readers from Rod and Staff.  We have the workbooks that go with them, but by the time we waddle through with what I've got organized for the day, the day is pretty much gone, so they are just sitting in a drawer waiting for a rainy day.

Grade 3 Reader Units 1-3

I really, really, really love the Language Arts course that she uses,  oh and the reader series too - which is a separate thing.  Everything is there.  I even have the teachers manual, so I'm NEVER wondering or lost.  Having a boxed curriculum takes ALL the stress out.  And as you can see I mix and match a little too.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about how our lesson in Grade 3 English went today.

Just click on any of the pictures to go and see more about these products.  CLE have a LOT of sample pages that you can download too. Their samples are lessons taken straight out of the workbooks.  They will give you a really good feel for how the lessons work.

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