Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bat Day Packet

I know that I've got my theme and seasons a little out today, but I thought that I'd still come and share anyway because you just never know, you might be like me and do things randomly.

If you can't use it at the moment, that's ok, just pop it away for a rainy day.  :o)

A day packet on BATS.


1. Bat cover page
2. Bat fact worksheet
3. Can Have Are flip book - double sided
4. Bat question page
5. Four pages of photo instructions on how to assemble

Yep, 4 pages of instructions on how to assemble your day packet.  With pictures.  And it's FREE.

Just click the picture above.

Oh and if you need some themed writing papers I also have this:

Thanks for visiting.

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