Friday, January 25, 2013

Week 4

Wow, can you believe we have gotten to the end of Week 4 already?

Today I'm going to start off by sharing a photo of my little cutie patootie Charlotte.  I can't believe how quickly she is growing.  We've moved her out to the big girls room now.  She is a total DREAM when it comes to bed time.  I just pop her in her cot and she puts her thumb in her mouth and rolls over comfy and goes to sleep without a problem.

During the day she's a full on explorer, climber, pencil tooting toddler.  She LOVES trying to draw with pencils.  She spends her day getting into all sorts of things.

This week we had our noses in this book { so we could work on our Bat theme }:

I posted a FREE Bat Day Packet earlier in the week so if you need some extra worksheets for a Bat theme don't forget to have a quick peek for that.

The girls also made a bat each from Lita Lita { I bought her Bat pack }:


Chloe did an experiment for Science with celery and food coloring. These photos were taken not long after we started.  You should see how RED they ended up.

I also had Chloe use these for activity time this week:

Phebe started up some serious phonogram review under the title of spelling like this:

And here's what I had Phebe doing for activity time this week:

I had a third set as well for numbers 31-40 as well.

I also had her add these spelling rule cards to her stash:

For our little rambunctious 3 year old going on 30, I had her count up to 30.

I hoped you enjoyed some of my highlights from this week.  I'm going to save their Bible, Art and History for separate posts.

Thanks for visiting.

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