Monday, January 14, 2013

Art - Watercolor Koi

P * I * N * T * E * R * E * S * T

...find out what it means to me...

{sung to the tune of  R.E.S.P.E.C.T. find out what it means to me }

Are you singing now?

Anyway Pinterest is an awesome tool.  Not simply a distraction from life, a time waster, nor enabler to an addiction for eye candy, or the ever never ending IDEA factory.  It actually and really does have its practical benefits.

Take for example this art idea that I discovered in my travels there.  { Please don't think I'm bragging, I'm not, I just perhaps feel like mentioning that I have over 5000 pins there, and I am only telling you this just in case you might like to pop over and find something useful.  I don't mind being an enabler for important things you know~!! }

My apologies, I got carried away there for a moment and forgot my real intended purpose for todays entry, the Watercolor Koi.

In my Art album you'll find this:  just click the picture to go its HOME.  I'll save you the middle man jump, just for today.  
Just don't blame me when you get addicted to living there - at Art Projects for Kids, not Pinterest. }

Sorry, picture removed due to copyright restrictions, but never mind - you can still check out our versions below.

So being teacher and all I had to do the sample / model for the lesson.  Here's my result. 

Then the girlies had a go too.

Chloe - 7

Phebe - 5

Hannah - 3
I only helped her a tiny bit ( outline in pencil of fish )

So, if you're ever looking for Art ideas for school I highly recommend Pinterest and Art Projects for Kids.  :o)

Thanks for visiting.

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