Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Baby

Today I got a new addition to the family.  She's such a tiny little thing, but wow, did she make an entrance this morning.
She works awesome.  All the girls had so much fun hanging out with her too.
We haven't named her yet, so if you have any suggestions just let me know.
Oh and I hope I don't have to feed her too many batteries.  She eats 4 of them at a time.
Do you have any of her siblings or relatives? 
Thanks for visiting.


  1. lol! Rebekah was given a pencil sharpener for christmas by a friend - it doesn't use batteries though, thankfully! just clips to the table:)

  2. I must confess Deborah I was about to jump up and down in excitement for you till I realized you were NOT announcing a pregnancy! This was so funny and so good. I hope too that this baby will not be to hungry for batteries :)


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