Monday, January 7, 2013

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I was just surfing the net just before lunch today while I waited for the chicken kebabs to be ready. ( I did the salad part so hubby was out there doing the meat.   He cooks a lot of the meat on the BBQ. ) and I came across a cute little linky party going on.

For curious peoples: lunch

Okies, back to the linky party.

 It was very specifically for all the Non-US bloggers, so curious little old me followed the links back and had a peek to see more about it.

When I got there I discovered that there weren't ANY Australians.  I said, "What?  How's that?"  LOL  

Then you know I had to come and join up - just so we had at least one on there.

So, by now you know I'm in Australia.  :o)

Today we have a lovely sunny day.  The air conditioner is on, and I'm planning some garden work this afternoon after a little trip out to the shops.

Most of our school day is done. We still have a couple of lessons to go but still pretty much on schedule.  :o)

About my blog:

I'm a homeschooler with an addiction to Paper and Pinterest and I also keep a TpT store too.

I have a number of FREEBIES available also, some are just here on the blog and some on TpTSo while you are here don't forget to have a look around.

Thanks for visiting though, nice to meet you.  :o)

in Australia

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