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January Product Swap

Yay~!!  And welcome back for another Product Swap.

I can't wait to show you what I am reviewing for you today.  You are going to love it~!!

Today I will be reviewing a product called 

{ 5 Long Vowel Literacy Centers }

by Jennie Johnson from:


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Name of Product: 5 Long Vowel Literacy Centers 

Format:  Downloadable PDF file

Number of Pages:  47 pages

Grade target:  Kindergarten, First

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About the product:

This is a COLOR product, so make sure you have plenty of ink.  It is WELL worth it.

What is in the pack:

There are 5 separate game packs.  Each game set comes with its own game cover for putting on the front of your file folder / envelope.  This makes it easy to find the games that you want to use, and easy for the children to pack away when finished.

It also includes instructions for the students which you can stick to the underside of your file folder / envelope.

For the teacher, it also has instructions on how to set up all of the activities.

What the games cover:

Long a- Spider Sort ai, ay, a_e
Long e- Busy Bees ee, ea
Long i- Chicken Coop Egg Hunt- igh, y, i_e
Long o- Where's my Bone?- oa, o_e
Long u- Alien Invasion- ue, ui, u_e

Who I had use the product:

Chloe 7
{as revision}

Phebe 5
{as part of what is required for her to learn this year}

Hannah 3
{advanced work and phonogram practice}

* * * * * * *
How we actually used it: 

After downloading the product I printed, laminated and cut out all the pieces. 

On the first day we used 'Spider Mania'.  This consisted of 3 game boards, their cards, and a worksheet.  The children were required to place their cards on the appropriate board for the / ai, a_e, ay / sound.

Sampe 1 - the game board in use.

Sampe 2 - the worksheet in use.  Additionally I also had a child underline the focus phonogram set.

On day two we used 'Busy Bees'.  This set also came with 3 boards, cards, and a worksheet.

Day three we used 'Chicken Coop Egg Hunt'.  This set also came with 3 game boards, cards, and worksheet.

The completed activity.

Day four we did 'Where's My Bone?'  This set only has two game boards.

Charlotte, my one year old decided that she wanted to hop up and see what all this card work was all about.  She was totally interested in the activity.

I just happened to take this photo at the right time showing her super excited and happy.

A completed worksheet.   All the worksheets vary and match their corresponding game pieces with clipart.  

Day 5 ( which we also did on day 4 ) we also did 'Alien Invasion'.  This set came with 3 game boards, cards, and a worksheet.

Another completed worksheet.

As a literacy center you could easily use all 5 sets on the same day or week and just rotate the children through until they'd used all of the games/worksheets.

What the girls thought:

Chloe: "Fun"

Phebe:  "Easy and fun."

Hannah: "It's so easy, I love that one."

What I thought:

This pack is awesome as a center activity~!!

The file is also professionally presented.

I also liked that the activities were no stress, quick, and easy.   The cute graphics make it very appealing to children.  It was also self directed once I had explained how to play the game.  

* * * * * * *

Don't forget to check out Jenns blog.  She has lots of other interesting teachery stuff there too~!!


Her pack is only $ 6.00.  Just click the following to go to her store and purchase.

Thanks everyone~!!

Now go and have some fun shopping.  :o)

Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine. 


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