Saturday, March 16, 2013

Book Cupboard

{ House Challenges }

We have this little book cupboard in the house.

It's where I put all the, I don't care if we have them or not books;  where all the damaged and on their way out of this world type of books end up, twaddle, second hand picture books, and where the books that the children can rip, tear, and absolutely destroy and I won't cry about them.  No, I will not cry about them.

I might have cried years ago, but not anymore.  No, I will not cry.  They are only books.

Yes, they could have had better lives if I'd been more diligent and more dictatorship styled in teaching the children how to respect the books.  However, alas, even with my constant reminders my children are destructive in their early years.  I am sure that the very thought of whether the books are valuable in either monetary, for enjoyment, or educational terms rarely, if ever, crosses their minds.  They don't care.  It is evident by the way they care for the books.

{ The books I would cry about are elsewhere and are supervised when in use. }

So.....I've been systematically depleting this cupboard considerably over the last few weeks.  I still have a couple of boxes in the carport while I try to decide if the children will ever see them again or not.  Some I sent along to their next home, and some I have ended their lives entirely by sending them to the dreaded and final destination - the bin.

{ Before }

{ After }

Do you have a quick grab book depository in your house?

Have you thought about just cleaning it out?

What could you part with?


  1. Haha! I did have a bit of a laugh Deborah! There comes a time when books just get too tired to care.... Instead, just go to Book Depository and buy more!!!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. Yes, my sentiments exactly~!!

    I love buying new books. :o)

  3. Thanks Deborah! I finally resigned from the position of 'Childrens Maid'. And instructed them on what areas needed cleaning up. And stuck to more than my usual standard. (Aka 'the that's good enough' standard' ) today I had BOTh sets of Inlaws visit and guess what? For once I only had to do a quick vacuum and hand wash a small mount of dishes, usually it's a BIG clean up in a panic and they usually still see stuff EVERYWHERE. This time, almost nothing was out of place. YAY!!! :-D


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