Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 8

Not a lot of photos from this week.  The camera didn't get the usual workout that it would normally get.  Overall the first 3 days were pretty productive, but Thursday ended up being lost.   It's not every week that we lose a day, but we did this week.

What I did get for show and tell this week:

Hannah did a living / non-living cut and paste.

We also did a little review on some phonograms.

Then we used the white board to do the words again.

This is what Hannah { 3y11m } read to me this morning:

Chloe had a play with one of my maths centers.

Phebe started a new book today:

This is a Grade 1 reader and we're only in March, so we're doing ok.

And a little picture of Charlotte to finish off.  This week I finally got serious about weaning her.  All done and dusted.

Time to go and get some more work done.

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