Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 10

Sometimes I got "nottin", so when that happens I should just post a picture instead.  A picture can say a thousand words you know.

My little baby is now a real little toddler girl.   She can say, "Daniel, Hannah, more, no, baby, hollar ( hello )".

* * * * * * *

And just when I thought I had "nottin" to share I remembered that I hadn't done this week's wrap up.  :o)

Phebe started a new Language Arts module.  Only a few more and she will be finished with the year 1 course.

She started a new reader.

And the last book for Singapore maths Grade 1.

Chloe also started a new module as well.

A couple of the girls did some nice coloring in.

This one is Hannah's.

Hannah is currently taking a break from her red Learning To Read workbooks, but I still had her do some multiple phonogram review.

And even though this was really too easy, I figured that we could still do this worksheet.  { I have a heap of worksheets printed up just sitting in a drawer, so may as well use them. }

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  1. Looks like you've been busy! Your daughter is about the same age as mine, it's SO exciting to see them starting to talk. I *love* the toddler stage!

  2. Oh I remember the Happy Venture Readers!
    And why let a picture do all the talking when you have so much to say ;-)

  3. Bugs: Even though they are super gorgeous at that age, they also tend to give me a run for my money until I start training them. We are currently doing training for her to "come" when called.

    Happy Venture Readers - I've got a nice little collection of a few of them. Certainly handy for early reading. :o)


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