Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Day in the Life of Me

Ever wonder how an ordinary day goes by at our house?  How do we get through all our school work?  Do we really finish a full day and get all those tick boxes marked off?  Do we detour?

Well, just most fortunate for you my darlings, I decided to keep a loose piece of paper out to keep track of the school work.  It went something like this, { don't forget to hang on - it's going to get bumpy and you might find a recurring theme throughout }:

Let's start the day with Bible.  Copywork of commands.  We are currently working our way through the 1050 commands found in the New Testament.  The older boys and myself do the command and the verse, but I'm soft on the girls and they only do the command.  So, Chloe and Phebe both copy out 2 commands.  Hannah reads her reader to hubby.

Then we have our first break.  Yep, I know, we only just started.  But we don't have a long break, and we know that we still have a heap of work to get through.  

Soon we begin Maths - Chloe, Phebe, and Hannah doing maths { photo insert }.  All different levels { Grade 3, 2, and 1 } out in the lounge room where the fire is going.  It's getting colder here now-a-days so we toggle between the school room and the lounge room.  We keep lap tables available for each girl.  They are super handy dandy things to have when you are desk-less.  For some reason Chloe isn't using hers today.  Please do note that little Miss Charlotte is also joining in as well.   Never mind the pyjama thing happening, that's of little consequence.

I just keep doing a round robin type of thing, marking the work and explaining things as needed to each child.  My best friend Red Pen and I team up really well.

Then we have another break.  Yep.

When I get myself organised for the next leg of the trip we start with Hannah doing copywork, Chloe doing Spelling, and Phebe still working on her Maths.  She's dawdling today.  Hubby steps in to help Phebe finish up.

Oh look, another break.

But we quickly resume with Phebe reading.  Chloe still works on spelling, and moves on over to hubby to finish that up.

As a general rule I start and get things going, do the big ticket items, and hubby helps to finish off the stragglers.

You also might have noticed that there's a little overlap of where some take a break and jump over while the other children carry on.  Gets fiddly.  Letting them have lots of little breaks helps me to find time to organise the next thing.  It also helps hubby get those stragglers back on track.  

Now they all have another break.  Are you counting how many we're up to?

Moving right along - Chloe and Phebe come back to Latin and Greek. A current favourite with the girls.

And yep, then there's another break.  These breaks can last from anywhere from 5 mins to an hour, but so far today they've been pretty short.

Now we come to a huge unexpected detour in the day.  We don't normally stop for family movie time - even at nights { but that's another story } but today hubby has a movie.  So....... there's goes a couple of hours.  The children are so excited.

When the movie finishes it's lunch time.  Who's making lunch?  Anyone got lunch organised?  Oh, anyone at all?  Ok, we'll all go out.  We get dressed and drive to town.  This includes the two highschoolers who missed the communal photo shot at Maths time.  We have lunch.  Then we go shopping for incidentals like milk, and fresh fruit etc...

Wow, we've lost quite a bit of time today.  Can we get the day saved?

Once home Phebe starts her Grammar with hubby.  { It's his day off so he's home today. }  
Chloe copies her spelling words and moves straight on in to Writing Strands with me.

Break time.  Do a little Hammer dance style if you want to.

Phebe continues to rest while Chloe does Grammar with me.

Then yep, can you guess what comes next?  Wow, you are good!  Of course it's break time.  It's getting LATE in the day so everyone is starting to tire.

Dinner is on it's way.

After dinner I feel the compulsion to try and get a couple of more things done on my tick list.  So I read a chapter of 'Life of Fred' and move straight over to Science and give the girls each a notebook page to fill in. They think that's great.  For some strange reason they like the idea of doing notebook pages.

After that I say - I'm out.  My day is done.  If I'm done, they're done.  

So we toddle round the house with bits and pieces until it's bed time.  I have to tell you how awesome it is to delegate housework and what a blessing a dishwasher can be.

I'm sorry that you had to miss out on my usual laundry and house work story - but I might have to do another "Day in the Life of Me" for that reality to be played out.  

Red Pen and I thank you so much for visiting.  :o)

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I often come here and read about your school adventures. I get inspired here!

  2. Ha! I really like getting a look at how people's homeschool days actually go. Sometimes we take a lot of breaks (I'll say, "Ok, go get dressed and make you bed, then come back." or "Go play outside while I made lunch and then I'll read to you some more." etc.) and other days we will just plug along if things are going smoothly. Thanks for sharing your day!


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