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See The Light God's Runaway Review

     My girls love Art, and they love Bible too; and what better way to combine both subjects for a meaningful lesson. 

     Last month I received a copy of God's Runaway { on CD } from See the Light for review purposes.  It has been fun to try out new artistic skills.  

{ What's on the CD }

     The CD has a full 268 minutes of content.  Easy to use, just pop it in and you're ready to go.  You could be doing your first Art lesson within a few minutes - if you don't get captivated by the story of Jonah first, that is.  It also comes in a nicely presented CD case too.  Age target is 6+.  I used it with Chloe { 8 } and Phebe { 6 }.

     The Story of Jonah is delightfully retold while artist Gloria Kohlmann draws a black light interpretation of the story.  There's something very appealing to watching an artist bring a picture to life right before your very eyes.  Definitely geared to keep your child's interest.

     Then there are 3 different Art lessons on the CD from which to choose from.  Obey, Released, and Salvation is from the Lord.  Each lesson is taught by a different artist. 

Obey uses the artistic skill of creative lettering.

Released uses the artistic skill of using chalk pastels.

Salvation is from the Lord uses the artistic skill of mixed media.

     In each lesson the artist gives a list of materials required to complete the lesson. So you'll always know what you need, and when to use them.  Additionally, you can find a list of needed art supplies for this CD on their website.  

     The lessons also use a black light to see the additional features that are incorporated into their art work.  If you don't have a black light, not a problem, each lesson can still be completed or modified for a great finish.

     Additionally the CD also includes several Bonus Features.  
  • Revel, an original contemporary music performed by "Breathing Room" while watching Gloria Kohlmann draw the story of Jonah.  
  • Watch and Hear the plan of salvation.  This would work well for children with evangelism in mind.
  • Hear a commentary as you watch a story scene being created.
  • Meet the See The Light team.

     A lovely addition to any Art curriculum.  There are a number of other CD's also available that you could easily build a nice little library of Art curriculum with from See The Light.

{ How We Used It }

     We were quite keen to jump in and get started with this CD.  So, we just popped it in and opened it up.  It was very easy to navigate.  

     Our first visit ended up being the Story of Jonah.  My girls were "wowed" by watching the story come to life.  They've never seen a picture drawn by a chalk artist in real life before.  This set the tone for the lessons to come. 

     The first lesson that we chose to do was Obey.  Since we're not really good artists in the drawing department we just followed along with the CD.  I also sat in and did the lesson with the girls as an additional model for what was required.  We would stop the CD when we needed the more time to complete each step.

     The lesson went a little longer than the girls concentration and we did end up with a couple of tears because they couldn't just grasp that it was for fun and not perfection.

     Nevertheless, I thought they gave the lesson a great initial go.  We can always come back to this lesson again next year to try again and compare their progress.

The second lesson that we did was Released.  We didn't have any chalk pastels so we improvised and used oil pastels instead.  

I think this was much harder to do than it looked.  The artist made it look so easy.

     The third and last lesson left to do on the CD was Salvation is from the Lord.  A mixed media - requiring a thick based texta { I used a double ended copic marker } watercolors, and Crayola Extreme Fluorescent crayons.  We got the coloring and watercolor parts completed, but since we didn't have the crayons available we just left it and figure that we'll come back and add some nice writing in the whale at a later date.

I liked the idea of coloring a whole background and it was nice to get an idea on how to do this.  The CD does recommend that you do this piece in an A5, but we of course wanted to do ours in an A4.  We used a good quality watercolor paper for this lesson.

Here's Phebe getting hers done.

After Phebe finished her coloring.

After Phebe had watercolored her whale.

This is Chloe's piece after she had watercolored too.

The inside of the whale will make a great place to put a memory verse.

{  How much does it Cost? }

     The CD retails for $14.99.  Easy purchasing available through Paypal, which is super handy for international customers.  { I'm in Australia and I had my CD in less than 2 weeks. }

     Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to visit See The Light for additional information about God's Runaway and other products that they have available.  Oh, and please do check out some of the other awesome reviews done by my fellow crew members on the different products by See The Light as well.

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