Thursday, May 16, 2013

Current Reader for Chloe {8}

Chloe has just recently finished reading these two books:

Grade 2 reading.

We've been reading them at a much faster pace than would otherwise be expected.

Now she is currently reading:

Quite a little step up in how many words appear on a page.

Grade 3 reading.

Includes poems throughout as well.

What are your children reading?


  1. We love these books. I just bought the last 2 in the series and the 'extra one' ie. if you liked the series, you'll like this book... bound to look like the others.
    Nathaniel has been reading these, will start the grade 3 one after he finishes reading King Arthur to Timothy. Melinda just started reading the grade 5 one of these :-)

  2. These are great readers & we found they were ability appropriate & graded upwards well ie not too big a stretch in ability so as to scare a developing reader.

  3. Narelle: What is the extra one? May I please have a link? We are quite fond of this set. Box day today, received Rod and Staff readers 7, 8, and 9. Slowly filling in all my sets. We also like the Pathway readers too.

    Jehane: Yes, we are finding that they are really good. :o)


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