Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Currently

What.......It's a brand NEW month?~!!  Yep, it's MAY already.

1.  Little Miss 22 months is really taking off with her speech.  Now even though she's doing really well in the talking world I still hear a lot of those "mummmm's" coming out.

2.  You know, online shopping is awesome.  So comfy to order books from home without having to travel overseas.

3.  I have been seriously struggling recently.  I have a LOT to juggle and a LOT to do and I'm a bit wiped out.  

4.  Recently all my lessons have been totally crashed by constant interruptions all the way through and if I do get a lesson done without an interruption then I have a crazy thing or disaster waiting for me.  My last 4 gasp for air discoveries while I got a lesson done include:

a.  the little girl playing in the toilet with a cup { scooping toilet water and splashing are so much fun }

b.  the little girl stripping a made bed to pieces { nothing like having to do the same work twice }
c.  the little girl climbing up to the kitchen sink and playing in it.  { Sure I love changing her clothes just because she can't stay dry }
d.  the little girl climbing up over the stove top. { I think she may have been headed for the fruit bowl }

So, as you can see the little girl is giving me a run for my money while I get distracted with teaching.

5.  Sleep.  Sigh, what can I say?  It's almost chronic.  I wake up nearly every night somewhere between 2 and 4 am.

6.  My winter bucket list is short.  I have to keep it short to make it doable.  I figure that if I can get at least one ski in - it will be an awesome winter.  

Well, time to go and see what I've got waiting for me while I did this little post.

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  1. While I was doing the post my 6 and 8 year olds were packing away their toys and tidying the kitchen. So when I went out there the lounge was clean, the dishwasher running and the kitchen bench clean. Yay~!! That cheered me up. :)

  2. Hey Deborah!!! You were just behind me on the link up so I have popped in to say hi! Boy oh boy sounds like you need a good rest but with littles around that never happens and then when you don't have them around it just feels wrong. Nice for you to walk out to a clean kitchen, picture me sitting here making a wish to the clean kitchen fairy...haha.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  3. So true - littles are a lot of work. Charlotte has even worked out how to push / pull a chair to wherever she wants to climb to. She does it so quickly. It's a good thing that this phase will pass soon. I just have to try and enjoy all the cute good little things in between before the're over. I remember the older children being young and the time goes so quickly.

  4. Gosh, it looks like you have your hands full! Your girls are adorable!

  5. What darling girls! As for online shopping... I love it too... but it can be dangerous because it is so easy and fun!

    Crayons and Whimsy
    Instagram @crayonsandwhimsy


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