Sunday, May 26, 2013

Workbox Task Cards

A couple of weeks ago I was out watching a homeschool video of a mum using cards for her children to mark off which subjects they had completed and I thought to myself, " I wonder if this type of thing would help my girls cycle through their school workload a bit better / quicker".  So I made each girl a set of cards.

{ So here's my version of it all: }

A collection of different subjects / items that we might need throughout the day in a Frog Surfing theme.

I simplified the list for actual use for Chloe.

For Phebe I used a Cowgirl theme and did likewise.

{ How I set it up to use: }

First, I found some really nice scrapbooking paper and laminated them - for durability.  Then I added some 2 piece velcro circles - which come sticky - so you just peel them off and adhere them to whatever surface you are working with.  I put one side of them on the laminated sheets.

I then stuck the other side of the velcro circles on the task cards { which had also been laminated / cut } and voila, they now could stick to the laminated paper / task card board.  They come off easily and pop back on easily.

I also put enough velcro dots on the backside of the laminated paper / board for additional subjects.

I also put a little hole in the middle so that I could hang them up on a plastic hook.  The girls can now turn them over easily to find the other side.

As the girls do their work they can take their cards off their boards and place them up in the pocket chart above.  When all the cards are off their board - they have finished school for the day.

This is a nice little addition to our homeschool as it helps the girls to visualize how much work they have done / need to do.  It has also helped to motivate the girls to jump to the next subject more quickly as well.

Both sets are currently in my TpT store, but if you are quick, and are one of the first 2 people to leave me a hello comment on this post I will give you a set for FREE.  Just let me know which set you'd like - The Frog Surfing theme or The Cowgirl theme.

That's all for today.  Thanks for visiting.

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