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25 Truths - Ed Douglas Publications { Review }

There are many needful things in life, and good character is one of them.

Having materials that help parents, managers, and leaders teach good character is always a welcome and much needed resource in our modern, decadent, and broken world.  So without further ado, please allow me introduce to you a simple, easy beginners guide called '25 Truths: Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us' by Ed Douglas Publications.

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{ About the book }

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We received a copy of the book in pdf format, but believe that the book is only available in paperback.  There are 150 pages in the print version of the book. It is presented in a clean and uncluttered, and pleasing manner.

Click to see the contents of the book:

Each chapter follows this format:
  • is clearly numbered
  • is titled in nice big print
  • provides a pithy quote
  • includes an article of about 3 - 4 pages
  • includes a succinct summary
  • provides questions for consideration and discussion

I really like how each of the chapters are wrapped up in a succinct summary.  This is a considerable help with which to keep the focus of the topic.  The questions that follow are clearly designed that you have to spend quality time examining yourself in light of the "truth".   You will find that most of the questions have different levels of examination.  They don't just want you to answer yes or no about something.  They want you to know the why, and how you can change it.  The author really wants you to build a DEPTH with your understanding of the character.

{ Who and How we used it: }

A quick perusal through the book gave me the solid impression that this would not be a book that I could give to the girls, they are only 4, 6, and 8.  The simple fact is that they wouldn't be able to relate to much of it.  Short story long, I teamed the book up with my 16, and 17 year olds instead.  This, in turn, meant that I could simply print off each chapter, on any given day, and leave them to it.  It worked very well as a personal development subject.

In the few short weeks that we have had the ebook, my sons have covered most of the 25 Truths presented in the book.

It was particularly eye opening to read my boys answers to each of the questions.  This really helped open up opportunities for discussion.  However, I also noticed a reluctance to share personal testimony and depth in each of the topics.  The book really wants you to examine each truth TRUTHFULLY.  It can be confronting, and it will certainly lead you to self examination in a new and provoking way.

The book could easily be used for youth groups, or small group work, as it provides a lot of ideas for discussion and life application.  If you are not a Bible reader, this would certainly be a reasonable substitute for the short term, particularly for the unchurched.  
I also think that it would make a great gift idea for families that are struggling with day to day living.

I think that while the truths in themselves can be used for all people, including children, I really feel that this book is much more suited to teenagers and adults.  So if you need a resource to help you have some quality time with your teenagers, this would be a great book to start with.

{ How much does it cost? }

The book normally retails for $15.50 on the website, but is currently on offer at a discounted rate of $12.50.

I do recommend the book as a personal development tool.

Thanks so much for visiting, and don't forget to visit Ed Douglas Publications for additional information about 25 Truths -  Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us' and other products that he has available.  Oh, and please do check out some of the other awesome reviews done by my fellow crew members on 25 Truths as well.

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