Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Science - Grade 3

Well, we're still using Rod and Staff Grade 3 for Science.  It's working out pretty good.  I'm reading, then we're doing all the questions orally.  Can't get any better than that at this stage.  We did try a few notebooking pages, but we haven't managed to make them regular, just yet.

We have just finished Unit: 3 and are now about to start Unit: 4

What's in Unit: 4?

God Gave Us Heat and Cold

1.  We Measure Temperature
2.  The Sun Gives Us Heat
3.  Heat Moves
4.  Heat Causes Materials to Expand
5.  We Use Cold to Preserve Food

I really like how it's all kept very simple and easy with not too much information in each sitting.  I also like that there is usually some form of illustration as well.

In my ideal world of notebooking I would like to see the girls transition over to writing something from memory and drawing a picture to illustrate the days topic.  Something to work on over the next six months, I guess.  :o)

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