Monday, July 29, 2013

Printing Up Books

Over the course of the many years that we've been homeschooling, I have on occasion printed up a few books.  These are the FREE books that you can get online, and work out great when you can't get them in real life already printed and bound.  

I do have a preference for the publisher printed books, but if they aren't available, I'm not opposed to letting my good friend printer help me out. 

My most recent set of book printing has been for these:

Ten little novels by Arthur Scott Bailey.

"Mr. Bailey centered all his plots in the animal, bird and insect worlds, weaving natural history into the stories in a way that won educator's approval without arousing the suspicions of his young readers. He made it a habit to never 'write down' to children and frequently used words beyond the average juvenile vocabulary, believing that youngsters respond to the stimulus of the unfamiliar."

He wrote them between 1915 - 1923.  In addition, he continued to write after 1923 as well.  In all he had over 40 books published. 

I only printed up ten of them to see how they'd go before I commit to doing anymore.

I just copy and pasted them into word and printed them out.  Then I added some light green cardstock to the front and backs and stapled them together.

Chloe has already read The Tale of Jolly Robin, and now Phebe has started reading it too.  Chloe is now onto The Tale of Henrietta Hen.  So, so far, so good.  :o)

{ You can get them FREE on Books Should Be Free }

What great online books have you printed out?

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