Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's In All Those Plastic Freezer Tubs On My Shelf?

You know, the cute little dressed up owl themed plastic freezer tubs I have on my shelf?  What's in them?

So I grabbed my camera, and just started pulling them off one by one, opening them up, and taking a quick snap for show and tell.

{ A Number Jigsaw }

{ A big Jigsaw }

{ Letters and Pictures that interlock }

{ Yep, Another Jigsaw }

{ My center box - filled with all sorts of center work }

{ Everything from multiplication, to months of the year, to days of the week }

{ A small collection of letters with flash cards for making the phrases }

{ Peg Counting - just a box filled with pegs, I occasionally rotate different card themes }

{ Alphabet and Counting cards }

{ Flash Cards }

{ Another really big Jigsaw }

{ Playdough Tools }

{ A Matching Activity }

{ Bits and Pieces - including some Peg Counting Cards }

{ A set of little readers }

{ Another different set of letters }

{ Ha ha ha ha, MORE playdough tools }

{ A different set of mini readers }

{ Another big jigsaw }

 { Odds and Ends - I may discard this pile }

I even had one that was empty.  But now that I know that, I will have to find something to put in it.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

Whew~!!  So this is how I keep all those awesome little center and fiddly pieces all neat and tidy, but in easy reach.

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