Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tools of the Trade - Staplers

Welcome to our very first

{ Tools of the Trade }

Linky Party

Today I will be sharing about the quiet little family of staplers that live in my school room.  But first.......{ a little ditti in my head }

Once upon a time,
in a nursery rhyme,
there were 3 staplers.....

A big strong daddy stapler,
A sweet mummy stapler,
and a weeeee little pink baby stapler.

They all lived happily in my school room.

* * * * *

Here's the Papa Stapler.  He is super strong~!!  He's a Bostitch by breeding, and can staple up to 130 sheets of paper. 

Here's the Mamma Stapler.  She's also got that Bostitch breeding as well.  She does all my papers from about 10 pages - 25 pages.  She could probably do more, but I try not to tax her too much.

And the weeee little baby pink stapler. I use her for the odd little pieces that need to go together.

I mostly use the Mamma and the Pink Baby for everyday use.  They LOVE to work and rarely ever give me any grief.  They are great friends to have in the cupboard.  The Baby never cries either.  She's an awesome girl.

Yeah, so there you have it, Tools of the Trade - Staplers.

What do you use?

Do you have a family of them living in your cupboard?

Do any of them throw tantrums, or don't want to staple?

Do tell~!!

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  1. As it turns out my Mumma stapler does super well with 40 pages!


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