Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tales from Hans Andersen

I often find books second hand - I've collected a LOT of books this way.  It means that I can build a pretty good library at a fraction of the original cost.  It also means that I can "throw the books to the wolves," when I'm done for extra fun.  That's the term I'm using these days after I've read the books and put them in the book cupboard.

The book cupboard is for the girls to rummage through at bedtime { or at other times } when they want something to read for fun.  The books don't tend to last very long without supervision, so after they land in the book cupboard it is only a matter of time before they are launched into eternity.  For some reason I just felt you all needed to know that.  :o)

Anyway, one day on my second hand book hunting and gathering jaunts I just so happened to find these little books.

I quite like the style of art work / pictures too.

And yes, they are now off to the book cupboard.  Don't weep for them, they are only twaddle anyway.

So, do you ever pick up second hand books?  Do you have a favourite store at which you go to peruse for more?  What are some of the really nice books you got that way.  Do tell.

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