Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three Decades of Fertility { Review }

     What happens when you put 10 veteran mothers together to talk about their fertility and faith, and then you open up an avenue to share about how it has affected their family life?  Yep, you get an awesome book full of Godly encouragement.

Today I am very happy to present to you:

Three Decades of Fertility
     Brought to you by Natalie Klejwa from Visionary Womanhood. Don't miss this brand new, must read book; launch date: 29th July, 2013. This book is a beautiful offering on the realities of life and fertility.  Imagine being able to peek into the life of another, spanning 30 years of time.  What would we see?  What would we hear?  These ladies have been so gracious to share some of their triumphs, and some of their sadness with us too.

{ What's the Book About }

"What would happen if a married woman gave the best years of her life to her Creator? Could He be trusted? Would her life be wasted? Ten women did just that and joyfully discovered that the God of LIFE was faithful."

     And with that in mind, you'll meet ten awesome women and hear their personal testimonies.  There is such a blessing to hear from those who have gone before us, that we may benefit from their knowledge and life experience.

A quick snipet taken from the contents page:

1. Progressive Revelation by Carmon Friedrich, age 51
2. Tracing God’s Hand by Jeanette Paulson, age 55
3. Eternal Treasure by Natalie Klejwa, age 46
4. Just Another Mother in Love by Stacy McDonald, age 46
5. God Changed My Heart by Molly Evert, age 43
6. Not Our Plan,Yet Not Unplanned by Ruth Einfeld, age 49
7. The Lord Directs Our Steps by Terry Covey, age 52
8. God’s Faithfulness in Life and Death by Heather Olsson, age 46
9. Embracing His Plan by Sue Liesmake, age 45
10. Through Children’s Children by Yvonne Harink, age 46

Followed by an additional bonus chapter called: A Body Built for Baby Building by Dr. Regina Brott.

And a final chapter on nutrition by Donielle Baker.

As you can see they have a lot of years, and therefore many life experiences to share about fertility.  

At the end of each chapter, each of the women answer a questionnaire of eleven questions on issues such as:

  • matters on miscarriage, infant loss, birth defects
  • having older children and small babies in the house at the same time
  • ethical issues on repeated miscarriages 
  • physical recovery - especially over the age of 40
  • how they deal with extended family members and the community in regard to their family size
  • about being 'older' parents
  • how they share miscarriage with older children
  • how having babies in their 40's affected their relationships with their husbands
  • specific tips for specific pregnancy related problems
  • general thoughts on pregnancy in ones 40's - statistics and odds
  • hindsight 20/20 - do they have any regrets, what would they have done differently

     If you've ever wanted to hear from women share about these types of things, now's your chance. You can read all about them in this 171 page book.  There is so much information shared.

{ What I thought of About It }

     I was very quickly drawn to this book because of my own fertility issues.  I've been on a mummy { I'm Australian - so I'll sometimes insert Australian spelling } journey for almost 25 years. I've given birth to 8 living children, and lost a few babies along the way. We've had 7 years of IN-fertility { in the middle } due to a vasectomy included in the mix as well.  But God IS good, and truly faithful.  He not only restored our fertility, but has blessed us with the 4 little girls that you so often hear me talking about on this blog { that's why there's a big gap between our older children and the younger ones}.  As I approach my older years, I'm 43 now, I see how the hand of God has truly blessed us.  I have been most blessed when I finally trusted God with my own fertility, and surrendered myself to His hand.

     In regard to the book:  I love how each lady develops a personal testimony on her journey through life as they came to each step of the way.  As a mother I really enjoyed the birth stories.  I loved how each lady shares private thoughts and family issues so candidly with the world.  That type of openness is so friendly.  I would that I knew each of them in real life.  It was very interesting how life just has a way of happening, with or without our planning, but more importantly how God manifests his hands and heart in each of their lives.

For any woman who has ever thought about having a child.

Don't forget to have a quick peek at their introductory video.  

{ How Much Does it Cost? }

The book is available in several different formats.  

If you're over at Amazon, you can pick up the beginning of the book for free as a sample.  

If you've ever wondered about any of the issues listed from the book, perhaps you have a natural curiosity about how the other half live, maybe you've even felt God speak to you about your own fertility, then this book is for you. 

Could you trust God with not only your life, but your fertility as well? 


  1. Sounds like a good read. I like the fact that the stories span 30 years. I'm sure there are a lot of changes through the time!

  2. yes ,,,,I do agree.Time will make lots of changes....

    Thanks for sharing..



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