Sunday, December 16, 2012

3 x Multiplication Tables

There are only a couple of more weeks left for holidays here for us and then we'll be back to school full time.
I am really hoping that Chloe can pick and up and learn her 2x, 5x, and 3x tables this coming year.  We started earlier in the year, but we didn't spend as much time on it as I thought we might.
I've been busy getting these packs ready to help her learn.
Here's a sampling of what's in this 3x pack.
I have 4 sets of cards with answer cards too.  2 for the timestables - one goes one way, the other the other way.  1 for division, and 1 for fractions.  Yep, division and fractions included. 
Skip counting cards.

There are greater and less than matts in the pack as well.

A few worksheets.


Skip counting jigsaw strips.

More skip counting cards.  These ones are just a little different style and size.

More worksheets.
One of the most important parts, I think, are these set of cards - A5 that model and show exactly what multiplication is about.  2 cards to a page.  After printing, just laminate and cut out.
And if color is too much, not a problem, just print ALL the cards in black and white on colored paper, or have the children color in their own.
All up the pack has 60 pages.
It contains several math centers.
Cost:  $3
* * * * * * *
I can't wait to put this set and the others to solid use next year.
Note:  I am going to upgrade the 2x Bee themed multiplication packet soon to match this pack.  It seems the more I work on things the bigger and better they get as I go along.  That also means more work with upgrading other similar previous packs.  If you need it done sooner than later, just send me a reminder email and I'll speed it up.  :o)
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