Friday, December 21, 2012

Garden Update and Henry VIII

We only have a week and a half left of our big school holidays.  Then we'll be back to it full time. 
Where did the time go? Did I rest enough? Ummmm, no, I quite possibly didn't rest at all. Perhaps I should take a week off? Could I actually do that? Yes, I have permission, but I'm a driven sort of person. Always finding things to put my hands to, so I don't know how to just "rest and relax".   If I lay down you KNOW I'm going to get inspired to jump straight back up and make or do something.
This week the family has been under viral attack with some sort of tummy bug.  Well, most of the family, so far I've managed to escape it personally, but I've had to pick up the slack and do the extra work and a HEAP more washing.
Anyway, the good news is that Chloe went and made a wolf.  A day late, but she still managed to get one put together.

Oh yes, the garden.   We are a few days late, but better late than not at all this month I guess.
Capsicums are growing awesome.  :o)

The tomatoes are growing awesome also.  These are VERY BIG, but they are also under attack.  We have fruit fly in the area, so we're not fareing too well in that department.  Lots of fruit but we're losing them before they make it inside.

I think we might have grown the smallest red capsicum ever.  It just goes to show you the difference between different types of plants.  Some are big, some not so big.   I've kept their tags so I'll know which ones to buy next time.

The children have been slightly very TV deprived so when I started allowing them to watch the odd Horrible History clilp I started getting requests for them daily.   They LOVE the little songs even if they don't really fully grasp the history part completely.  A little here, a little there.
Today we'll be looking at Henry VIII as part of our Project 365. 

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  1. We have only a week and a half too. Deep sigh. Daddy's on hols now though, so we're gonna enjoy every last day!

  2. lol I'm in competition for growing the smallest cappie ever but as I don't have pics I guess you win. No more school, no more school, no more school for us forever! Yay! [sorry, I am beside myself with happiness over that one ☺]

  3. Jeanne: I know, these holidays just escaped me. At least I got some pretty good extra work done though. The holidays have come and gone too quickly.

    Ganeidaz: Congratulations on the completion of the homeschool journey. :o)

  4. I admit, I was just a little jealous of you girls who broke up early in Novemeber, but reading that you are gearing up to start again makes me appreciate my few weeks to "relax". I have had lots of project, too, but I seem to be able to totally shut down ~ especially in this heat!
    Enjoy the final days and all the best for a wonderful year in 2013.


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