Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grade 3 Maths

When school resumes Chloe will be doing Grade 3 Maths.
Her main book will be:

Please don't GASP when I tell you that I am going to let her use the textbook like a workbook.  Yep, I am letting her write in it.  :o)
I've even let her have a couple of practice pages for fun.

I am letting her use it like a workbook so that she can focus on doing the work instead of wasting valuable time copying the work out.  She finds Mathematics to be a challenging subject and I just felt that this would benefit her greatly.

Even though the book is supposed to be non-consumable, the price for it is equivalent to or even better than a lot of consumable workbooks.  So that makes it even more inviting to use it just like a workbook.   The book is also HARD bound, an added bonus.  :o)

Chloe will also have Singapore Grade 2 to help fill in some holes and give her some additional practice.  I am thinking that it will help encourage her if she can have a bit more success in this department.
Yeah, so that is Grade 3 Maths in our house.  How about yours?
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  1. I think it is GREAT that you are letting her write in the book!


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