Sunday, December 23, 2012

Salads and Cards

In our effort to increase being healthy we started eating more salads.   We never used to eat these.  But here we are, more aware of what our bodies require to run.

So here's what was in our last salad that we ate.
Half mixed.

What was hiding inside it.

Green leaf salad mix
Red / Green capsicums
Raw cashews
Chia seeds
salad dressing
* * * * * * * * *
And since it's still holiday time Chloe had some fun with making some cards.

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  1. The cards are beautiful and the salads look yummy! Similar to the ones you told me about- our healthy eating has gone out the window while we rush around to get reading for Christmas Eve- but keep posting them- you are inspiring me!

  2. Love those type of salads! My hubby is one of those who prefers everything seperate on the plate but the girls and I like a good toss! The cards are lovely. I lose track of the ages of my bloggy friends kids but she has done a good job.

  3. Since we started making salads like the above we eat them much more regularly now. :o)

    Chloe is 7.


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