Monday, December 24, 2012

Project 365

Well, I decided to do a mid week update on Project 365.  I just felt that doing 7 things in one post was a lot.  Especially since I wanted to add quite a few photos.
20 - Bear
I read this book:

Then I read this book.

With beautiful pictures and simple text.

Then we did a little paper craft.
This one was done by Hannah.
This one by myself.  Yep, nothing wrong with having a second childhood.  Besides, Chloe was still too ill to make one.

This one was done by Phebe.

Then I made each girl a simple calendar book and used them as the covers.  I got the calendar pages online for free.  There are a number of free calendar booklets available these days.

Chloe is probably a bit too old for it, but oh well, Phebe and Hannah should get quite a lot out of them.

I had planned for the girls to do a little writing, but it didn't happen.  Here's what I was going to use.  Just click the picture if you want a copy.  :o)

21 - Henry VIII

Don't forget to check out the youtube video I posted of Henry VIII the other day.

These coloring pages came from HERE.

For some reason Phebe didn't want to put her Henry in her history book, she wanted to put him on a stick on the fridge.


22 - Follow Me

 Even Hannah did one too.

 Thanks for visiting.

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