Friday, December 7, 2012

Common and Proper Nouns

Even though we are on holidays - sometimes I let the girls do a little school.
This week Chloe was doing a little work out of next years English:
Christian Light Education - English Grade 3 - Lightunit 301
Anyway - we got to a lesson in there that looked at common and proper nouns.   Chloe wasn't sounding like she had a full 100% grasp of it so I figured that I'd go looking for a game / resource that she could practice a little with it.  I couldn't find anything that I would use, so I just went and made one instead.
Here it is all laminated, cut, and put into a file folder and baggie.
So we divided up the cards into common and proper nouns.  We kept the anchor chart above to help us when we needed a reminder.

And we also sorted them out into person, place, or thing.
One of the recording worksheets that we used.
Another recording worksheet.
I am still trying to tweak the file, so I've made a couple of changes ( with the cards ).
If you'd like a copy just leave me a hello. :o)
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  1. Lovely craft work. You are very talented & I bet those pretty things make school so much more fun.

  2. I am leaving you a cheerful Hello!

  3. Your nouns activity looks fantastic! I am definitely leaving you a cheerful hello!

  4. What a great little game! You are so very clever Deb :-)

    Cassandra :-)

  5. This looks like a great activity.. I am leaving you a friendly hello.. only if you have time :)

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  7. hello , they are wonderful , can i have copy


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