Monday, May 14, 2012

Digraph Bingo

Digraph Bingo

A quick and easy way to practice multiple phonograms is with a simple game of bingo.

Here's my teacher cheat sheet:

From this page I choose which digraphs we will use for this particular game.

Today I chose:

Then the girls chose which sounds they wanted and put them on their chart.

Then I started calling out my sounds.  As I go I strike a line through each sound called.  If the girls have that sound they also strike a line through.

Soon we have a winner and the game is over.  In the process they've reviewed a number of different phonograms.

I got this idea from Mr Thorne aka Mr Phonics in the UK - he does a WHOLE class version.

If you'd like a copy of these printables you can find them HERE.

Have fun~!!


  1. lovely to see you blogging again Mrs Adept!
    how have you been?
    girls are looking gorgeous!

  2. Been busy - will do some show and tell as the weeks go on. :) Thank you. Super nice to see you again too. :)


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