Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I recently got myself another subscription.  I also pulled out all the old books that I had and had a good sift through them too. 

This is how I've got them organised at the moment.  I put them into 3 tubs.

I separated all the levels with a piece of colored cardstock.   This way each level is easily accessed.  All I have to do now is actually LABEL the pieces of cardstock. 

I also keep an A4 folder with:
.  a master book list - so I can see exactly which books I actually have. I use the one found on the website and I simply place a tick next to each title.
.  books that are in the cutting / stapling / waiting mode
.  worksheets
.  discussion cards etc....

I also made a new reading log to keep track of which books the girls read and what resources they use with the books.  I just printed off the reading logs and stuck them to some nice blue paper and folded them over.  Very quick and easy.

The reading log contains spaces to write the date, a book title, and a tick off space for worksheet, comprehension, discussion cards, and finally what level the book was at.

Most days I envision that the only thing being put in will be a book title.  And that's ok.  :o)  It's just nice to have those other resources available if one wanted something extra to add to it all.  Sort of like a cherry on the top kind of thing.  

If you'd like a copy of this reading log - You can grab it here for FREE.

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