Sunday, May 27, 2012

 A lot of the time it's a mad house here.  Children running riot, crying, demanding, trashing the place.  So .......

When you need some quiet just set up a little activity and leave them to it.  :o)  Admittedly I did only leave 2 of them to do this activity.  I figured that would make enough mess to deal with.

This one is Chloe's.  As it turns out she loves to cut and paste.  Not really keen on coloring, but we'll overlook that small detail for the peace and quiet that we get.  This little project kept her busy for about an hour 45 mins?  Enough time for me to notice that I wasn't being nagged.

 Great for practicing scissor skills, coloring, writing.

This one is Phebe's.  Phebe is my little sook, crier, whiny child.  So keeping her busy was also particularly noticable.

 At the end we put some glitter in her hair as well.  Just for fun, but the camera doesn't pick it up though.

You would not believe how much less work / noise there is when you just take 2 children out of the equation for 45 mins.  It's like resting in the Bahamas.

Thanks for visiting.  :o)

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