Friday, May 25, 2012

Today I thought you might like a FREE memory verse workbook.   :o)

Just click the book cover.

Memory Verse Workbook for Ages 5 to 10
This is a fun and easy workbook for children to learn memory verses.

Memory verses included:
  1. Genesis 1:1
  2. John 15:12
  3. Psalms 33:6a
  4. 1 Corinthians 16:14
  5. Matthew 5:5
  6. Philippians 4:13
  7. Matthew 28:20
  8. Romans 3:23
  9. Ephesians 6:1
  10. Galatians 6:9
Old King James Version is used.

Each memory verse has 6 worksheets.
Worksheet pages:
Follow the instructions on each worksheet page. Each verse gets progressively harder as you have to remember more.

Decorate and color in. Find a place to hang your poster. You could also make it into a jigsaw puzzle by drawing a puzzle shape on the back and cutting it out.

Crossword pages:
These are not the usual type of crosswords. They are missing all clues. Just fill in the missing words in the boxes and write the verse out in proper order.

Puzzle by Code:
Work out what verse is hidden in the code.

My Bible Verse:
Make a very neat handwritten copy of the verse that you're working on and add a hand drawn picture or cut out a picture to glue in.

Multiple Choice Questions:
Follow the instructions on the top of the page. This worksheet is for finishing off memorization of the memory verse and includes a place for application.

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