Saturday, May 19, 2012

 Here's a project that we did a couple of weeks ago.

Where's Spot?

This was an awesome project for scissor skills~!!

At first, I toddled off over to kizclub and got myself their printables for this particular project and then:

I photocopied a copy of the cover of the book so that they could also have a cover on theirs.

 I love how they are all just like the pictures in the book.
Is he behind the door?
Inside the clock?

 But it is a LOT of cutting and pasting/gluing/taping.
Is he in the piano?
Under the stairs?

 But it is a nice keepsake - that they can color in later on.
In the wardrobe?
Under the bed?

 Is he in the box?
What about under the rug?
Finally, we find Spot in the basket.

The girls LOVED this project - even though they declined to color the pictures in at the time.  They just wanted to CUT and TAPE their book together.  The lift up flaps were a very novel and fun idea~!!

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