Friday, May 18, 2012

The Penguin.

I've got a HUGE post for you today~!!  Lots of show and tell with this theme - even though it only took a couple of days to do in real life.  We read 3 books, did some crafts, and did a little writing.

Here are the books we read:

100 Facts on Penguins.  I loved the pictures in this book.  I also love the idea of short numbered paragraphs.  The only thing I DIDN'T like in the book was that it added evolutionary rubbish - which we know is NOT fact, but rather opinion based on pseudo science.  It's a bit ironic that they add such "hear say" especially since the book is supposed to be about FACTS.  But that's ok - I can read around things like that.  But if I ever want to give this book to my children to read I'll be using a little black marker at certain points in the book.

 Now here is a gorgeous book~!!   I totally recommend this one.  Completely safe for any child.  They just stick to the FACTS.

 I love how they wrote and had illustrations on the left hand pages while on the right hand side they had REAL life photography.  So beautiful.

 Such a delight to read, and it didn't take long either.

The third book we read was this one.  A living book of the life of a Penguin.  This too is also recommended~!! 

Now we come to the crafts.  You can't do a "theme" on an animal without a couple of crafts, it just wouldn't be right~!!

So, we used an old 2 litre orange juice carton.  Wrapped it in black paper.  Then added the white belly, feet, wings, beak, and eyes.

 It didn't take too long and was fairly easy to put together.

 Basically we free styled it.  There wasn't any pattern.

Another craft that we did was a paper piecing of a penguin.

Here is Hannah holding the one that I did with her.  She might be able to cut her own hair but she hasn't really worked out how to cut that well with paper, so I did most of that with her.

And now for Chloe, Miss Grade 2 - who ended up with a little book on her Penguin.

I thought I'd help her out when we got to the cover part with some coloring.

 Here's Chloes paper piecing of a Penguin.  They love to eat fish.

On the right hand side we have a labeling exercise which I got from:  Mrs Kramer at Kindergarten Crayons.

We used this little page to list things about Penguins that we knew.  Well, I actually let Chloe write what she knew.  That's why Penguins can have "friends", and they can "help other penguins".  LOL  If you'd like a copy of this one you can get it here: Penguins

And now the drum roll please, since I am sooooo happy that it came out this well~!!  Getting children up and writing isn't always easy, and when they do it's so awesome to be able to see them make that progress.

If you'd like a copy of this notebooking page - and another one, oh and some awesome questions to ask your students to help them in their writing process you can get them by clicking the picture below.

I hope you've enjoyed what we did for our little theme on Penguins.  :o)  Thanks so much for joining us~!!


  1. I love your penguins! My first graders studied penguins and still talk about them. You can check out my life-sized Emperor Penguin! The post date is January 20, 2012. Have you read 365 penguins? I think your girls would treasure it!
    Owl Things First

  2. What a great selection of books and the crafts are very cute. I have never seen the 'can' 'have' 'are' sheet before. That is a very clever way to teach grammar. Thanks for sharing this on Kids Co-op


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