Monday, May 28, 2012

  Little Miss 5 currently uses Learning to Read by Christian Light Education.  

I am seriously in love with their teachers manuals.  They make my life so much easier.   Truth be told, I am seriously in love with the whole course.  It really has made teaching reading so much easier.   I reckon it has also made learning reading heaps easier too.  :o)

 This is 104.  Which means that it is the 4th book in the course.  There are 10 workbooks for the course.   Phebe who is 5 years and 2 months old just finished this module last Friday.

  A lot of what happens in this course early on is the beginning sounds.  Well, actually there are quite a few different components, but that is a large part to BEGIN with.

They also have 'star' words.  These are sight words.

 They also give good practice for phrase and sentence reading too.  You can buy the phrase / flash cards from them, or make your own.  All the words / phrases are in the back of the teachers manual.

 By the end of 104 she was writing cvc words.

 And then at the end she had a test.  She scored 92% for this workbook.  This tells me that she has a firm grasp of the material and is ready for the next workbook.

 I did notice that she lost the most marks for NOT remembering which c / k to choose.  Basically you'll know what c / k to pick by what vowel comes next.  If it's an a, o, or u then it's c.  If it's i or e, then it's k.  A neat little rule to learn.  :o)

Now, just in case she totally bottomed out and got less than 80% in the test, I could of photocopied her another alternative test from the teachers manual.   So I never have to stress about her using / wasting the original test.

So anyway, back to the actual test that she did.  Since I have their awesome teacher manual I also have their awesome little picture charts in the back that we can photocopy to help learn what we need.  :o)

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