Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Elephant - Part 1

Today I made the most cutest little elephant labeling worksheet and was soooo desperate, excited to use it.

But first we had to pay the obligatory stroll through a book.  Beautiful, beautiful illustrations.

And very much in a similar format as to our Penguin unit - I thought that we should start with a paper craft.

This one is Chloes ( 7 ).  I just used some clipart ( from KPM ).   Then I gave the girls some colored ink pads and 4 little dot stamps ( they were all different sizes).  The girls also used a black marker to highlight the outline.

This one is Phebes ( 5 ).  Even though it is such a simple project - they really had heaps of fun enjoying themselves while stamping away with their little dots.

Then we did a labeling worksheet.  Now an educator.....and a lover of paper.....this is what I made this afternoon, and was in sooooo much hurry to try it out.  If you'd like to try it out ( a can, have, are chart ) you can find it for FREE --- HERE

This one was done by Chloe.

This one was done by Phebe.

I do hope that you can come back to see part 2 soon.  :o)  That's where I'll be doing show and tell for the - can, have, are chart and a writing journal page.

Thanks for visiting.  :o)

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