Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Classroom

My Classroom.

I guess some of you might be wondering what our current school room looks like, so I thought that we'd do a little show and tell for you.

First off we have the plastic drawers:  each child has a drawer in the plastic tubs for their personal school books.  The very bottom drawers are for other items.  The white cupboard has paper and craft items mostly.

This is our main library wall.  I can't store all our books here so I've got them stashed all over the place, but this is where I keep all the new / big / valuable / favourite books.

 Our school desk.   Yep, a big 8 seater dining table - we don't eat in here as a general rule, so I never have to worry about food items on the table, so that is good.  :o)

 Shelving full of stuff.  This is where I keep all the little fiddly activities, jigsaws, readinga-z readers, farm animals, train set, and other odds and ends.  I keep worksheets and consumables that we are going to use in the plastic drawers on the shelf.   That's just so that they are easy to grab when we need to use them.  In the pink plastic drawers on the right I keep teachers manuals and other bits and pieces.

 The Kitchenette - also full of stuff ( and books ).  The books are up behind the glass doors.  The bench top is where I store the days work each day.  I also usually have my teachers program open on the top there too for easy reference etc...  Inside the cupboard I keep big tools like staplers, laminating machine, more paper etc...

 I hope you've enjoyed visiting our school room. :o)   I can see that I'd be able to get a few more classroom posts out of all of this if we got up and close with what's in those cupboards.  LOL  That might be more fun.  :o)


  1. You are mindblowingly organised. Mindblowingly. Oh my.

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Organised, neat... everything I am not! :)


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