Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy Weekend

After our two week crazy living arrangements here at home we went away for the weekend so that we could attend a conference in Melbourne.

As you can imagine I am exhausted.  I can barely think straight.

My children rioted.  They misbehaved.  One even vomited in the car 20 mins from home on the return trip.

However, I did want to pop in and tell you all that the conference was excellent and if you can make it up to Sydney tomorrow, or Tasmania later in the week, I highly recommend it.

We met Mr Scott Brown - who is a soft spoken gentleman, Kevin Swanson - who is way more lively in real life than I imagined, and Anthony Courter - a mans man.  All speakers gave high quality messages.  In addition to meeting the speakers we also had the pleasure to meet some of their daughters as well.

The bottom line that we got from the conference:  Fathers need to be discipling their children.  Start with Proverbs.

I would also like to publicly thank my friend Narelle for hosting our family so that we could attend the conference.  Narelle is awesome with organising meals and other details.

I'm just sorry we got as many calls as we did because of the behavior of my children...... sigh...... the first call started with the 8 year old falling off a bunk.  We still aren't quite sure how that actually happened but she is sporting a nasty graze nevertheless, so perhaps she might be more careful next time.  Subsequent phone calls from the babysitters didn't cheer me up either.  In the end hubby had to miss a session as Mr PB had to drive him home to swap over the teenagers and bring back little miss Goldilocks - yep, the one with the little curl right in the middle of her forehead.  She pretended that dads lap was the baby bears bed - so it worked out much better that way.

We also got to catch up with a few other friends as well, waving big hellos to:  Megan, Marion, Chareen - thankyou for the mandarins, Vicky, and Catherine.  Oh and I got to meet Ray from Chariot Press too.

Finally, you are probably wondering where all my show and tell is.  Well, I resisted the urge to take personal photographs of the guest speakers. They are, after all, just ordinary people like you and me.    I also didn't want to impose myself upon their generosity.  It was sufficient to have the opportunity to see and talk with them in real life.

Yes, I did do some shopping, but I figure that those items shall make for blog posts during the week.

Life resumes normal for us tomorrow.  For now I need to rest.  :o)

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  1. Was a pleasure to see you! :-D it was a great Confrence, just wish it went for longer! We have been greatly encouraged. I hope it happens again soon. Just want to get Vodde Baucham ad Paul washer out here!! :-D


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