Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to Make Accordion Books

Just a quick little walk through for those who have the Egyptian Accordion book pack.

Note:  There are instructions in the big accordion book downloads - but I didn't include them for this little Egyptian set { one of my earliest TpT contributions }. 

Print out the accordion storybook that you want your class to work on.

Select a piece of A4 paper / cardstock for the book base.

Have the children color in the printable and cut out along the dashed lines.

Then have them cut the A4 piece of paper / cardstock in half long ways.  It might work out better if the teacher had this part prepared earlier.

Have the children join the two pieces up long ways with some tape.

Fold in from the left, fold in from the right.  The middle can be pushed to fold out the opposite way making an accordion booklet base.

It should fold down like this:

When looking at it from topside down { it will stand up } it should look like this:

Tape or glue the cover on the front of the book.

Open the book up and lay it flat and add the inside pages.

Voila~!!  An accordion book made and completed.


If time or resources do not allow, you could just have the children color, cut, and staple the pages together in the correct order.

Hope that helps somewhat.

Thanks so much for visiting and purchasing this item.


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  1. A very cool way to display the pictures Deborah! Thanks for sharing!

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