Monday, June 24, 2013

How I Use McGuffeys for a 4 year old

Just a little post to do a quick show and tell about HOW I use McGuffeys { primer } to teach my 4 year old.

Preparation:  I print up a few lessons to go { in pink of course } from the FREE pdf versions available from Gutenburg.  I staple them together on a corner and keep them in my current file ready to pull out whenever I want a lesson.

Lesson time:

1.  I have Hannah look at the picture { if there is a picture }.
2.  We read and go through the vocabulary usually found in the boxes.
3.  Then Hannah reads the passage.
4.  I will usually read the same sentence after so she can hear it in my voice for comparison.
5.  I choose a sentence for copywork.  I either circle the sentence I want her to copy or I will write it out in her workbook for her to copy there.

{ Lesson - on pink paper }

{ Copywork from lesson. }

{ A different copywork from a different lesson. }

This is a new thing for Hannah, but so far, so good.

I pretty much run the same course for the older girls with the other McGuffey books, except they just get their passages in white.  I suppose I could change them up a bit if I wanted to, and I might.  I only print a few lessons ahead.  The girls might like having their passages in a different color one day as a surprise.  :o)

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