Monday, June 10, 2013

Ikea on the weekend

What would a 4 hour { one way } trip to Melbourne be if we didn't go to Ikea while we were down there?

It's one of my favorite shops you know.  I love that you can have lunch, then add in some good old fashioned exercise - walking, and an awesome gander at house goodies along the way.
While we were there I found these little cousins:

The're timers, and yep, I've already started using them.  In fact I have one in use as I type up today's post.  :o)  When the littles hear the buzzer go off they know that today's quiet time will be finished and they can come out and play / do school again.

Another important purchase was these:

I couldn't work out which angle made them look better so you get to see them from both ways.

Since we have 4 little girls { amongst the tribe } 3 of whom have their hand in the school work department and one always tagging along we needed to buy two sets.  Unfortunately they were out of pink chairs, but never mind, blue will do.  I'm pretty sure we have a couple of pink chairs out in the carport, as you do, so it will only be a matter of time before the girls realise this and bring them in.

Now the girlies can have a desk and chair in the lounge room for school work instead of their lap tables.

The girls did their first morning with them today.  Quite novel, and they liked it.

Because of their light weight and size they are super handy and mobile to move around the house as needed too.

Our only stipulation for these is that they will never be allowed to be used for cubby houses.  No sir, they will not.  Previous experience had us lose a table due to cubby house making and a child stepping on a leg only to snap it off.  Yep, not sure how that happened, since it would of taken quite a bit of weight, but you know, I have gifted children and they managed to get it broken.

Okies, well that's my Ikea story for the day.

See you tomorrow.  :o)

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