Sunday, November 11, 2012

Arctic Winter

This is what I worked on this weekend.  It took me quite some time to get it done, ok, pretty much ALL my free time, but boy oh boy, am I happy with how it came out.
I wish you could see it in real life, it's totally impressive, but I guess a peek on the net is the next best thing.  :o)
Just click the pictures to have a bigger look at these samples.
Cool, hay?
If you liked my Thanksgiving packet then you are going to be  in for a real treat and totally impressed with what's in this packet.  It's just in time for WINTER too.  Includes some of my BEST work ever~!!  It really helps when you have some awesome clipart, and great fonts to work with as well - just so you know I can't take ALL the credit. :o)
Over 70 pages of printables.

3 x Walrus notetaking pages.
3 x Fox notetaking pages.
3 x Seal notetaking pages.
3 x Polar Bear notetaking pages.
3 x Whale notetaking pages.
3 x Penguin notetaking pages.
3 x Caribou notetaking pages.
3 x Rabbits notetaking pages.
2 x Accordion books ( with instructions )
1 x Write beginning sounds
1 x Write ending sounds
1 x Write a noun for...
1 x Write a verb for...
1 x Write a pronoun for...
1 x Write an adjective for...
1 x How many syllables?  ( Color the correct syllable, and then color the pictures )
Inside Outside craft and game pieces – color or black and white ( antonyms )
2 x Vocabulary cut and pastes
3 x Compare and Contrast ( What is the same, what is different )
Who eats fish? ( Cut and paste )
2 x different ABC Order ( Two different lists )
5 x Label the animal ( walrus, whale, caribou, eskimo, polar bear )
3 x Days of the Week ( Three sets for Days of the Week sequencing centers )
2 x Months of the Year ( Two sets for Months of the Year sequencing centers )
4 x Skip counting puzzles ( 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s )
Please Note:  The matching 30 x Various writing papers that go with this pack are also in my store.
There is so much work in this packet that you could easily be doing this theme for a minimum of two whole weeks or more.
I can't wait for the girls and I to use it.  It's too bad we're on school holidays right now, otherwise I'd have some pretty awesome show and tells going on. 
I just hope I can get it uploaded soon.




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