Saturday, November 24, 2012

Landforms Desert

Today I was working on my newest book which will be on 11 different landforms, and I was so happy with todays addition that I just had to come and do a sneak peek with you all.
I was making samples to go into the book.  I asked my 3 little students - grade 2, grade 1, and kindergarten if they could help me out.
As soon as I said the word, "Paint" they were totally IN.  ok, I think I might have started the conversation with something about paying them for helping me work on my book.  It's a bit fuzzy now.  They are supposed to be on holidays.
So we made a Wall Mural.  This is quite a big piece in real life.  Each separate landform piece is on an A4 piece of black paper ( there are 12 separate pages which I then joined up together ).
I read / perused a book on Deserts with the girls so that we would have something to draw information from then we wrote down some "have" and "are" things.
Teacher / Student sample page on how to use the notetaking pages.
I even colored them in.  :o)
Chloe's Grade 2 sample.  We added painted page toppers to their work.  Looks awesome~!!
Phebe's Grade 1 sample.
Hannah's Kindergarten sample.  Hannah is actually only 3y7m old, so I thought her work was amazing~!!
I am hoping to get this book done early in the coming week.  It is clearly going to be a MEGA pack as it already has 130 something pages in it.  I just need to get some serious time to get it done - all the ideas are there, all the templates are there, I just need that time.  :o)
These photos will be IN the new book too~!!
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  2. I love the bats & the celery experiment! You have a great blog!
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