Friday, November 9, 2012

Not Doing School

School you do when you are not doing school with the 3 year old.
I just want to interject here with my amazement at how many FREE things are on the net these days.  The market is flooded with freebies and school related materials.  Well, I feel flooded because I see so much stuff.  I get something new everyday.  Yep, every day. 
This week Hannah did a couple of jigsaws.

A sequencing activity.
Counting to 10.

We pulled out a couple of these to do again too.
And Hannah and I worked on doing this jigsaw too.  Ok, this one wasn't free, but it only cost me $2 I think - or was it $1?  Either way, super duper cheap~!! 
And as usual she also spent some time over at as well.
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