Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Write the Room

Here's another something NEW that we got to try out this week for the first time.  I keep picking up all these cool ideas and worksheets and stuff.  :o)  I love Teacher BLOGS and PINTEREST.
Write the Room - Farm themed.
I printed off my pages and cut up the little cards.  Then I put them into 5 little groups and set up them up around the room.  Then I called the two girlies and explained HOW to write the room.  Then I left them have a go.

Chloe loved the activity.  Next time I will ask her to aim for neatness and accuracy as well though.

Phebe liked the idea of the activity, but needed a little help.  I am hoping that next time she will be able to do the activity without any help.  :o)

If you wanted to use this activity in a center more than once I also highly recommend coloring and laminating the cards before you use them.
Don't forget to pick up my Zoo Write the Room FREEBIE and try it out.
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